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StartGate is a place where you can apply to various accelerators, incubators, funds, and investors. It is a place where you can learn and evolve. The platform is optimized to guide you in the challenging startup journey and to help connect you with the right partners at every stage. If you're an investor looking for startups to invest in, or an entrepreneur looking for an investor or you're just someone who wants to learn about entrepreneurship, Startgate is the place for you.


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eon Aligner

Straightening crooked teeth should be easy and affordable. That's why we have created eon Aligner: to design invisible and hygienic orthodontic appliances, that make the perfect smile possible. Metal teeth braces or eon Aligners? The difference is clear.


MadfooatCom is an online real-time bill presentment and payment service, which enables customers to inquire about and pay their bills anytime and anywhere. In 2014, the company won the exclusive tender of the central bank of Jordan to build, operate and administrate the electronic bill presentment and payment service (EBPPS) “eFAWATEERcom” nation-wide in Jordan. The service is now connected to 92% of the banks in Jordan and more than 90 billers with more than 300 services It joined OASIS500 in May 2011


ArabiaWeather is the leading weather company in the Arab World. It provides accurate, real-time, localized weather­related information covering over 5,000 locations and serving 12 business industries across the MENA region. It joined OASIS500 in Jan 2014.


Salalem is a learning innovation company that offers an e-learning management platform with carefully designed video courses. The platform helps the learner in acquiring knowledge efficiently, effectively and easily. Whether it’s corporate training needs or personalized IB diploma preparation, Salalem covers your educational goals.

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